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Jose Molina Melendez

Java Development Intern

What did you learn as a Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Intern?

"I learned a tremendous amount. I came in knowing Java programming but ended up learning and working with C#, JavaScript, and multiple markup languages. It was challenging and fun to work on my team."

What was one of you favorite parts of being a TGCS intern?

"I loved our intern Fridays, where executives came in to talk to us about every aspect of the business. It gave me a chance to learn about other departments and their functions. We also learned how they became executives so that one day we could follow in their footsteps."

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions offer a one-of-a-kind work environment that encourages its employees to reach beyond their potential. The path you take to do that is up to you.

The people who join our team know that their work matters to us and to the millions of people who use our products every day. We are at the forefront of our industry pushing further ahead each day. That is why we invest in our employees who invest their time with us

At Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, individuals are valued, teams are built, and innovation is realized.

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